If you are qualified or have experience in the field of accounting, tax, audit or pension.

If you enjoy learning and are on the constant quest to better your skills and enhance your knowledge.

If you are a hard worker, putting your heart into any job you undertake.

If you have a problem-solving mind, strong in analytical and logical reasoning.

If you are prone to taking initiatives on your own.

If you are able to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly in English.

If you have a sense of responsibility towards the community you live and work in.

VITAE is the place for you.

VITAE has created an environment of constant learning, high quality skill acquisition, all-round development, excellence in work and fostering of values such as integrity and a responsibility towards the community and all other stakeholders of VITAE.

VITAE aims to bring out the best in people. The opportunities provided such as on-the-job training for skill acquisition, Staff Development Series (SDS) for soft skill development, logical reasoning exercises for improving analytical skills, career advancement opportunities, a chance to get involved in the community and impact lives and extra- curricular activities to develop various interests are integral to developing the latent potential present in every individual in order to build a work force who constantly strive for quality and excellence in everything that they do.

If you want to be a part of such an environment, get in touch. Have a look at the openings available at VITAE.