Community Development

VITAE is involved in Denkanikottai town in Krishnagiri district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

Vitae works through a local contact who along with leaders from the villages helps in community development activities in the village. They conduct evening group study for children and facilitate in livelihood improvement.

VITAE’s approach to Community Development is holistic and long-term aiming to bring transformation in the lives of the individuals in social, spiritual and emotional spheres.Some of Vitae’s support initiatives are:-

Providing sponsorship for village students’ education.

Encouraging and supporting growth of trees.

Training and development of village leaders.

VITAE hopes to set up community centres for each cluster of villages, to operate night study centres, adult education programs, occupational skill development and leadership training.

At Kopaneri, a tribal village , about 40 kms from Coimbatore, a range of support is extended with VITAE’s staff involvement. A study centre for school going children to assist in their learning given lack of such support in their homes, education of adults on the benefits of education and the evils of alcoholism and sensitization of village women of their need for future education and empowerment.