Great Place to Work

In December 2020 VITAE International Accounting Services Pvt. Ltd was Great Place to Work-certified by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Through the certification process VITAE was found to have a High-Trust-High-Performance culture.  

“Realization of our fullest” was the mission that VITAE International (previously AKT BPO) began its journey with and this certification is affirmation of this mission being maintained by VITAE since 2004.  

Respect for people, fairness at the workplace, employees’ pride in their work, camaraderie between people and credibility of the management was rigorously examined by the Institute.  

VITAE’s hiring process, the programs the organization conducts to inspire and aid in the development of its employees, the level of transparency in communication and feedback, the level of collaboration within the company, work-life balance and contribution to society was also closely looked at. 

Being a great place to work is a culture that is a consciously and continuously developed and maintained and VITAE is committed to maintain it for the future of its employees, clients and its extended community.