CSR Policy

Traditionally, and most tragically, most corporates saw themselves being cellular and singular in their responsibilities of building wealth for their shareholders. This isolated view point redirected corporate competency, energy and resources to depleting the world of its resources and winning gains to its operators, but nomad like rendered ‘human responsibility’
from being out of its camps. That such a far reaching human activity of trade , commerce and industry would think of itself so narrowly and deplete society and its environment of the vitalities of responsible behavior has dawned upon this segment of society , shamelessly awakened only by the painful consequences of its neglect. That corporates and businesses
have inescapable responsibility to meaningfully render its operational responsibility to revitalize society’s innards – its character and its needs, is so tellingly evident today.

Corporates or businesses therefore need leaders that are charged with such ambitions apart from the gusto to make their businesses win. In VITAE we do not hesitate to embrace the lesson that neglect has taught this generation. That life has power to extinguish time suddenly for any one of its players, punches into VITAE’s conscience the indelible stamp of
responsibility. That such is the ‘light’ that we will follow, has become a credo, quite like the even more significant one ‘we will excel’ that occupies her professional realms of responsibility.

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Mal Di Giulio

Daniel Victor