What we do?

VITAE International is a global staffing service provider for accounting, tax and pension firms worldwide. In a manner that is unique by process and nature, VITAE International provides its clients with qualified and motivated personnel that work exclusively for their firm. These staff are then linked to the client operations through state of the art IT facilities including video conferencing making the client’s India staff an extension of their business – in spirit and character.

The VITAE International business model creates an exclusive team of qualified accounting professionals for the client firm in India. VITAE International then provides dedicated office cabins and infrastructure producing a work environment where the team can succeed. The team’s workflow management and training provides a degree of utilization flexibility with great benefits to the client firm. Knowing the India staff is fully trained in the client firm’s processes and culture builds consistent results supporting long-term business intentions.

Client investment in staff is maximized through skilful hiring of individuals with the abilities to quickly navigate the complex world of global tax, accounting, audit and pension work. To meet those business demands, VITAE International selects and trains dedicated accounting graduates who, in turn, bring to the workplace a strong work ethic. It is VITAE’s goal to help its clients create long-term careers for their staff and gain the associated benefits for years to come.