A documentary produced by the company, The Power of Love & Commitment, showcasing love as the building ingredient in families and society, reaches a large number of people on Youtube. This award winning documentary is also sent to NGO’s and social welfare departments of the government, for wider impact.

Ceaseless Efforts against Odds, a documentary filmed by a VITAE staff, traces the story of Rajendran, one of VITAE’s sponsored students along his journey of grit and determination against all odds with the help of hard work and a little bit of support from VITAE. This story reminds viewers to never give up and reminds responsible corporates of the difference they can make by their support.

This short clip, produced by VITAE, is an answer to the question of the meaning and purpose of life. A reminder to treat life as a gift, regardless of circumstances and to make the most of it by finding and living truth, upholding justice, loving selflessly, living a transformed life, fulfilling life’s purpose and being fruitful.

Jethro Daniel’s Song, a music video produced by VITAE, inspired by the life of Jethro Daniel, reminds viewers of the enormous beauty, meaning and potential seen beneath the surface and challenges them to take the chance and dive into the depths of life to find true treasure.