Mal Di Giulio


Managing Director

   In Daniel's role as Managing Director he leads daily operations for VITAE International. Daniel's 30 years of experience across the industrial, service, consumer goods, and hospitality sectors provide a solid foundation for developing client success. Daniel's in-depth knowledge of Indian accounting and commerce laws supplies an additional layer of competence enhancing the VITAE International standing within the Indian business community. Daniel's inspiring and motivating nature is paramount to building and maintaining the VITAE International professional staff. Creating a socially responsible office environment through the VITAE International community outreach activities is also a driving force for Daniel. This is evident in his board level involvement with many of India's top NGO's and charities. Daniel holds a Master's degree in organizational leadership and management and a Bachelor's degree in commerce. His ranking as an Indian Chartered Accountant (CA) and a Certified Green Belt of Six Sigma adds to Daniel's business expertise.